Consulting on Setting-Up and Justification of Criteria and Conduct of Archaeological or Monument Research

Vast majority of investment – mainly construction – projects can´t be done without conducting an archaeological or monument research. Unlike other companies, we do not conduct researches and provides for the guarantee of our independence and objective assessment of every project individually. Our benefit, which can´t be offered by any other company, is the extraordinary overview about the possibilities of the researchers or research organizations achieved  in the field of research licenses during the work in the central state administration. All the facts allow us to fully optimize the setting of the conduct of the research to individual requirements of the clients.

Due to the absence of the norms / rules of pricing of archaeological research, there are very unbalanced price offers (which sometimes vary in hundreds of %!) in practice. Taking into consideration the conditions of our clients, we are able to offer optimalisation of financial costs, time and suggestion of potential alternatives of the conduct of the research. We assess every project individually.

Operational cooperation and contacts of our company with indivual researchers also in other areas of monument research serves as the basis of mutually advantageous cooperation with our clients.